The Inner World of Collaboration

All the woes of today remind me of the sixties, when issues of racism, sexism, war, degradation of the environment exploded into main stream consciousness. What is common to these woes is the use of power as power over others, creating a society based on domination. Like a spiral dance where you return to the […]



The Masculine/Feminine Bugaboo

A recent reviewer of my book questioned whether women have innate feminine qualities and disagreed that there are inherent differences in the sexes. This was in response to my call to action to women to embrace their more feminine qualities, to see themselves as leaders and that feminine skills like empathy, inclusion, collaboration, care are […]



Be courageously vulnerable

Courage is often associated with the heroes journey–taking enormous physical risks, running into burning houses, slaying the enemy. And indeed, these are courageous acts. But there is a courage that is not as visible. In her book The Chalice and the Blade, Riane Eisler speaks about a different kind of courage:  “the courage to risk […]



Why do we listen to hypocrites?

Pardon me, but I just have to get this off my chest.  George Rekers, who believes therapy can and needs to turn gays straight and testifies as an expert against gay adoptions, gets caught returning from a trip in Europe with a 20-year-old escort from   Why isn’t he in therapy?  Ted Haggard, who backed […]



Mama Grizzlies or Grizzly Mamas?

Meg Whitman tapped as the Republican nominee for Governor, Republican Carly Fiorina to challenge Barbara Boxer for her Senate seat, and Republican  Nikki Haley possibly becoming the first non-white female governor of South Carolina. All Sarah Palin endorsed mama grizzlies. Or are they grizzly mamas?  It’s great to see women running for public office and […]

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Kagan: Are you Experienced?

Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced?  sung in Hendrix’s smoky voice, keeps floating around in my head when I think of Elena Kagan. Huh? Well, the old “are you experienced” argument is being flung out there against her. Excuse me? The first female dean of Harvard Law School is inexperienced?   So what’s […]

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Stand up for what you're worth

One thing that will be a given in the era of women is not only equal pay for equal work, but that work associated with the feminine like child care, the arts, nursing, education will be properly paid. It is stunning that this is still an issue and women are still paid considerably less than […]

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Mother's Day

As worthy as the tradition of  honoring mothers as childbearers,  as nurtures, as the caretakers of the future is, the original intent of  Mother’s Day had a higher purpose.   In 1870, American poet and women’s leader Julia Ward Howe established Mother’s Day. Her gesture was   a call for women to wage a general strike to end war. […]

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Hold a different power

Bella Abzug said, “In the 21st century, women will change the nature of power instead of power changing the nature of women.” Like leadership, we associate male posturing with the meaning of power. So when I asked Iron Butterflies about power, many said they didn’t want power, they wanted influence instead, reflecting how gladiator-infused the word […]

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A kaleidoscope of Iron Butterflies at Bistro Bouchon

While in Richmond, VA we found our “Cheers” where everyone knows your name.  Bistro Bouchon, owned by Francis Devilliers and Wendy Kalif, is a welcoming, gracious place with absolutely wonderful French food. We have to tie ourselves down to stop us  from going there every night!  I quickly befriended Wendy, a transplant from Manhattan and a […]

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