Iron Butterflies of Richmond, VA

I’ve spent close to two months in Richmond, spending time with my daughter Rasa and her husband Lewis, and my sweetest of granddaughters, Lina.  While here I also made friends with Dougie Bowman and her husband Bob Scudder.  Let me tell you about Iron Butterfly Dougie. She and her husband invited 15 top executive women of […]

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The spirit of Devas

  I’m always on the alert to write about new Iron Butterflies and what these determined and gentle women are up to. I welcome you to comment on an Iron Butterfly you know and admire. Share a story.   Or tell your story of a time you were courageously vulnerable or wish you had been.  Here’s […]



Entering new terrain.

This is my first blog and I’m hoping to use it as a forum to discuss how women are changing the world.  Bringing to the forefront those small events, often overlooked, that can make a big difference  It’s noticing the ordinary things that often become extraordinary. I’ll also be taking on gladiators in power who need to be taken […]

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