Iron Butterfly Stories

Now is the time for Iron Butterflies to take flight

Women are the answer to many of today’s problems. In an interconnected and interdependent environment, we need women’s feminine skills to clean up the mess that, frankly, men in power have wrought in the world. We need women’s holistic view of the world, their ability to see interconnections between things, their relational intelligence, their tendencies toward collaboration and inclusion, their ability to empathize. All these skills are keenly pertinent to our new global reality. The qualities that have kept women out of the mainstream are now the very same qualities that empower them to lead.

As women gain power, they are transforming a deeply embedded, male-based domination system that puts too much emphasis on power over others rather than one of power with others. These women are engaged in a social revolution that is hidden in plain sight. I call these women Iron Butterflies: women with a will of iron and a touch of a butterfly. I had the privilege to meet and interview more than fifty of them for my upcoming book, Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World. Paradoxically, Iron Butterflies have to be strong in order to usher in this softer reality of interdependence. Iron Butterflies show us that feminine power is a collective power and when women come together in the interest of making a difference and supporting each other, they are power and a force the world has never seen.Every woman is or has the potential to be an Iron Butterfly. Are you?

Iron Butterfly stories first appeared in Aspire Magazine.
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