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Hosting a Corporate Power Circle

Do you work in Human Resources and are looking for ways to create better communication and cooperation among women in your organization?

Perhaps you want to build a greater sense of community and connection with your women co-workers during lunch break or after work?

Are you interested in exploring big ideas and seeing how women can make a difference that benefits everyone?

Corporate power circles may be right for you.

What can you expect an IB Power Circle to accomplish?

IB Power Circles create results by identifying leaders to form circles of colleagues to meet on a regular basis to discuss emerging trends in collaborative leadership, for which women have a unique talent. Iron Butterflies, Women Transforming Themselves and the World demonstrates how traditionally feminine skills and values–inclusion, empathy, relational awareness, emotional strength, and seeking holistic perspective–can be applied to empower more people than ever before. This leadership style has been demonstrated to improve outcomes in all measures of traditional bottom-line performance, including profits, book value, and retention.


Content for the circles is provided from Iron Butterflies: Women transforming themselves and the world. One chapter per meeting is explored through discussion, using a specially constructed reader’s guide, the Iron Butterflies Power Circles: An interactive guide for leading in the new era of women.

IB Power Circles are most effective when the membership is limited to between eight and twelve women, preferably from all levels of the organization. Optimally, the group meets for two hours once a month.

Each member of the circle has an opportunity to choose a chapter and lead a discussion.

Some Topics:

  • Increase awareness of the power of relational intelligence.
  • Explore the impact of gender schemas on women’s leadership opportunities.
  • Discuss different characteristics in leadership styles, through profiles presented in the book.
  • What does it mean to be a strong wom­an?



  • Accelerate leadership capacity
  • Develop deep listening skills in self and others
  • Support, develop and practice authentic and collaborative leadership skills
  • Build community
  • Increase self-awareness of strengths and develop capacity to transform vulnerabilities into strengths
  • Increase self-confidence and interpersonal capabilities
  • Benefit from giving and receiving feedback with peers
  • Develop critical thinking


Corporate Package

Packages are custom made according to each company’s need.
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