Courageous Vulnerability: A Problem for Men?

In isolated North Korea, the new and untested president Kim Jong-un asserts his authority and power with threats and saber rattling—well, actually nuclear arms rattling. Rutgers basketball coach, Mike Rice, demonstrates his power and authority by whacking a kid’s head with a basketball and smearing his team with slurs that deride anything feminine. In Colombine, […]

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Cultivate a Feminine Presence

Women’s history month celebrates the accomplishment of women in history, many of them unsung and many still unknown.   But it is also a time to consider how women can continue to make history. One way to do that is to redefine leadership by cultivating a feminine presence in the workplace and in our communities. in […]

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Finding Our Way Home

The holiday season is a time to go home, to be with family or friends, a journey that begins with the best of intentions. We look forward to all those parties and shared meals, all those gatherings where the room is abuzz with conversations as everyone catches up on news. We love the inside jokes […]

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From Amazon Woman to Feminine Presence

In the eighties, women flooded the male-dominated workplace and had to prove themselves man enough for the job. In order to succeed, they had to play the game and often felt they had to copy men’s behavior. Women even dressed the part with padded shoulders, pant suits, certain kind of haircut, a neck scarf. One […]

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The Global Ring of Girls' Voices

Back in the early 80’s, I was involved with the Harvard Project of the Development of Girls and the Psychology of Women headed by psychologist Carol Gilligan, author of In a Different Voice. It was a heady, exciting intellectual time. Previously most psychological research was based on all male participants, the assumption being that what […]

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Play Ball, Girls!

Finally, the media takes notice of women’s sports but it takes being a finalist in the Women’s World Cup for it to happen. And even then you had to have cable TV to see the game on ESPN.  Women’s sports has come a long way, partly due to Title IX, but it still has a […]

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Vulnerability Management: Required course for leaders?

 I was having dinner with a friend, a very successful consultant, whom I hadn’t seen for quite awhile. As we munched on a Caesar salad, I talked about my research on successful women. “I asked myself what did these women, from many walks of life, share in common,” I told my friend. “What I discovered […]

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Collective Intelligence: A not so secret path to peace

In July of 2000, Swanee Hunt, former ambassador to Austria and founder of the Institute for Inclusive Security, was hosting a dinner at her home in Cambridge, MA for the Democratic Congressional Caucus. President Clinton walked into the gathering, after failing 48 hours previously at Camp David, to negotiate a settlement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. […]



Trust Women

On a cold wintry day like today in Hancock, New Hampshire, when it’s minus 7 degrees and three feet of snow sit like piles of meringue glistening in the morning light, hibernation instinct kicks in and I just want to hide in my cave. I notice the cave needs some tidying up though, and I […]



The Winter Solstice Within

I’m in New Hampshire, looking out my window as I write. The night flurries have left the pines sugar-coated; the peninsula juts out into the frozen river of white and grey.  Clouds drift heavily in the sky, casting shadows on the path that winds through the woods like a white ribbon. The winter landscape is a palette […]