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Starting Your Own Power Circle

Do you want to make a difference in your life, in the workplace, in the world, but don’t quite know how to begin?

Are you a natural organizer?

Do you like to plan gatherings with other women?

Are you a coach looking for material to guide a professional group?

Or perhaps you and your girlfriends are ready to move your group to the next level, to be agents of change?
"Iron Butterflies has been transformational, literally changing the way I think about myself and the world and what I can accomplish. In the Iron Butterflies book, Birute provides amazingly helpful insights into the unique strengths and wisdom of women and our roles as leaders in a changing world. The Iron Butterflies circle brings these insights to life, tapping the tremendous collective power of women coming together to talk, support each other, and take action. On paper and in person, Birute is an inspiration."

Amanda Scudder

Then The Iron Butterfly Power Circle Program is right for you.

The Iron Butterflies Power Circle Guide Book: An interactive guide for leading in the Era of Women is based on my prize-winning  book Iron Butterflies: Women transforming themselves and the world (Prometheus Books, 2011). It provides all the content you need to guide the power circle in its first year, including:

  • Interactive exercises
  • Activities
  • Guiding questions
  • Meditations
  • Supplementary reading
  • Movie suggestions
  • Handouts and more!


We’ve provided you with all the tools you will need to organize and guide a power circle. All the work and research has been done for you already! All you have to do is pick and choose what best suits you and your Circle.

Buy the Guide for $29.99


Buy now and start a revolution in your living room! Be part of the transformation that needs your full participation! And have fun doing it! Your circle could be the tipping point for women realizing their collective power.

Show yourself.