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What is an IB Power Circle?

Iron Butterfly (IB) Power Circles are designed to identify, support, and cultivate women’s collaborative leadership qualities. Through innovative and creative processes, these circles take networking to the next level: they lead to an ever-evolving collaborative circle of peers, where everyone is a leader and are supported in their leadership. IB Power Circles cultivate a safe, supportive environment where women of all ages can reflect, engage in deep dialogue, share stories and experiences, and individually and collectively raise consciousness and awareness of what it means to be a successful woman and leader in today’s intensely competitive business environment.
"Having hosted an Iron Butterfly Circle for more than two years, I can attest to its significance in empowering women and raising awareness in women's issues. Every month, a group of professional women, ranging from business owners, top executives in large corporations to lawyers and authors, would gather to discuss issues that affect them as women in the workplace and in every day life. Circle created an opportunity to express their views on the issues, knowing that their views would be respected and not judged. With this freedom of expression, along with good food and wine, everyone left with a sense of empowerment and the knowledge that they were not alone."

Dougie Bowman