Birute Regine, Founder of Iron Butterflies

Photo by Annie Holt

About Birute

I am a developmental psychologist, a life and executive coach who earned my Bachelor of Arts at Boston College, and my Masters and Doctorate of Education in Human Development at Harvard Graduate School of Education. While at Harvard, I collaborated with psychologist Carol Gilligan, author of In A Different Voice and served as a project director at the Harvard Project on the Development of Girls and Psychology of Women. I was also a teaching fellow for Erik Erikson. I spent two years as visiting scholar at the Center for Research on Women at Wellesley College and as an affiliate of the Stone Center. In addition, I have trained in gestalt therapy, family systems theory, and attended the College of Executive Coaching.

As an author I have written numerous leadership articles and co-authored the highly acclaimed book The Soul at Work: Embracing Complexity Science for Business Success (Simon & Schuster, 2000), with science writer and husband Roger Lewin which applies complexity science to the business world. It was reissued in paperback and retitled (much to my dismay) Weaving Complexity and Business: Engaging the Soul at Work. Warren Bennis, distinguished professor of Business Administration at the University of Southern California wrote: “I read–-actually eyeball and skim-–about 150 management books annually. Most are boring, derivative, klunky. This is original, unique, and, well, terrific. Bravo!” To see my work in the business world, go to

My latest book Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World, will be published in April 2010. Other book projects, “For the Sake of Love,” “Women, Peace, and Power.”

My passion as an international public speaker is to invite and inspire women to step forward and be catalysts of social change in a world begging for a different kind of leadership. Women can, must, and are leading in a new era of cooperation and collaboration. The late Congresswoman Bella Abzug said power won’t change women; women will change the meaning of power. It has begun.

I also facilitate workshops for women that connect women to their authentic selves, to their power and wisdom, and to their feminine skills. Keep an eye out for Madrona Institute where we are creating a women’s initiative for peace making..

Personal life. I’m married to author Roger Lewin, have a son Romas Zimlicki, married to Andrea, who is a Major in the United States Army, currently stationed in Germany, and has served three times in Iraq. My daughter Rasa Dawson is married to Lewis and works for OxfamAmerica. I have four beloved grandchildren. I keep my sanity by taking modern dance classes as well as ballet barre, and yoga. I love to cook and entertain and we have given some pretty great parties. Walking, swimming, and hiking keep me connected to mother nature. I have a serious travel bug, love theatre, and performing arts and I serve on several dance boards. And some day I might get back to that first draft of my novel.