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What people are saying about Iron Butterflies

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“This book is perfectly timed to give momentum to the global tipping point which recognizes that when women thrive, everyone thrives. Reading and sharing the Iron Butterflies will help earn your wings.”

—Lisa Witter, co-author with Lisa Chen of The She Spot: Why Women are the Market for Changing the World and How to Reach Them

“The readability quotient here is high, and the personal stories are fascinating.”

—Booklist, Colleen Mondor

“The word ‘inspiring’ is tossed around way too frequently. But…this book inspires.”

—Russ Wellen, Huffington Post, 28 April, 2010

“……this intellectual and dynamic treatise on women in the modern workplace demonstrates convincingly how empathy, emotional and strength and an embrace of vulnerability are changing traditional, male-dominated management models.”

—Publishers Weekly, April 2010

“Reading Iron Butterflies made me more determined to pursue the cause of women in Afghanistan….The Iron Butterflies in this book showed great courage by penetrating men’s domains with a new gift to make our world more human and more beautiful.”

—Fatima Gailani, president of the Red Crescent in Afghanistan

“Birute Regine convincingly explains why ‘We need to usher in the Era of Women’.”

—James A. Rousmaniere Jr., Keene Sentinel, April, 18, 2010