Positive Living interviews Birute Regine


Weaving the World

Birute Regine shares the insights with Sharon Riegie Maynard and listeners the interviews with women brought her. In her remarkable new book, Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and The World, Birute puts femininity and masculinity in context and explores what it truly means to be a successful woman today. She also examines how women together can help each other become “Iron Butterflies” and bring greater balance and well-being to a world sorely out of balance.

Through her sage observations and candid stories of the 60 women interviewed, Iron Butterflies paints a picture of revolutionary changes taking place in what she calls a new “Era of Women.

“As an aboriginal elder in Perth, Australia told her, “Women hold the wisdom, men hold the love.”

“She had it right; we have it all backwards!’ That was an Aha moment that set Birute on a journey of uncovering women’s wisdom.