A kaleidoscope of Iron Butterflies at Bistro Bouchon

While in Richmond, VA we found our “Cheers” where everyone knows your name.  Bistro Bouchon, owned by Francis Devilliers and Wendy Kalif, is a welcoming, gracious place with absolutely wonderful French food. We have to tie ourselves down to stop us  from going there every night!  I quickly befriended Wendy, a transplant from Manhattan and a former stock broker. When I spoke to her about Iron Butterflies, she disclosed that one difficulty about restaurant life was not having time with her girlfriends. Francis came up with a solution: ladies night on Thursday where drinks and dessert are  half price!  So here we are on opening night having a blast. Iron Butterflies like to have fun and Wendy gets to be with her growing list of girlfriends! Bring a girlfriend and join her! Create a kaleidoscope of Iron Butterflies. And of course, guys are welcome too.


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