Be courageously vulnerable

Courage is often associated with the heroes journey–taking enormous physical risks, running into burning houses, slaying the enemy. And indeed, these are courageous acts. But there is a courage that is not as visible. In her book The Chalice and the Blade, Riane Eisler speaks about a different kind of courage:  “the courage to risk your life, not in war, not in battle, not out of fear…but out of love and a sense of injustice that has to be challenged. It takes far more courage to challenge unjust authority without violence than it takes to kill all the monsters in all the stories told to children about the meaning of bravery.”

The word courage comes from the medieval French word “corage,” which means heart and spirit. If we reveal our heart and spirit, we are our most vulnerable, but we are also our most powerful. Being courageously vulnerable is having the courage to be true to ourselves in difficult and unjust situations, which is also an opportunity to realize and affirm our essential nature, our authentic self. When whole hearted, courageous vulnerability gives us access to our true capacity, to our actual and potential strengths. Acting from our deepest selves, we give ourselves permission to own and manifest all of who we are. We commit to not dimming our lights or letting our lights be put out, but rather being someone who sheds light on truths, who lets her own light shine.

When we shine light on our truths, we create space for more truths to be told.

When were you courageously vulnerable, or wish you had been? Watch for those opportunities and see yourself grow stronger. It’s how you earn your wings.


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5 Responses to “Be courageously vulnerable”

  1. Maria Jacinto says:

    I always prefer roads that are less taken. They give me the chance to ignite my curiosity and test my self-confidence. Plus, it’s a good way to learn and grow more from new experiences.

    • We have some wise Iron Butterflies here! Somewhere along the line we were taught that life should be easy but actually it is the struggle that makes life interesting because in the struggles we as learn who we really are.

  2. Scott Brown says:

    It is true we always learn and grow from each new experience …learn lessons along the way and build our confidence and sometimes even learn what we did wrong in new situations and circumstances we find ourselves in :))

  3. Kaye Kiepert-Hensley says:

    Many people divorce and there are many unknowns to face. It takes a lot of courage for many to overcome their fears and take that step, especially on their own. I have done it and so have many others. It can be quite daunting, but it was worth it.

  4. Cheryl Cohen says:

    I have the courage aplenty, but im lazy as heck 🙁
    Maybe that means I don’t have the courage :O
    I think I’ll just keep studying philosophy and feel like I am