Why do we listen to hypocrites?

Pardon me, but I just have to get this off my chest.

 George Rekers, who believes therapy can and needs to turn gays straight and testifies as an expert against gay adoptions, gets caught returning from a trip in Europe with a 20-year-old escort from Rentaboy.com.   Why isn’t he in therapy?

 Ted Haggard, who backed a constitutional ban on gay marriage, had an affair for three years with a male prostitute, and is now on the speech circuit with his wife and claims to be cured. Why is anyone listening?

 Representative Mark Foley, a battler for laws against internet sexual exploitation, gets caught sending sexually suggestive e-mails to male teenage pages, and now hosts a radio show. Why is anyone listening?

 Former Senator Larry Craig, advocate against gay rights, gets arrested for lewd conduct in an airport bathroom with another man, and now has his own consulting firm. Would you go to this man for advice?

 This is not to mention Spitzer, prostitute fighter caught spending a load of money on prostitutes; Bob Allen, McCain’s presidential campaign co-chair caught offering oral sex to a cop; or Ray Ashburn, avid anti-gay rights finally admits he’s gay.

 Any consequences, any learning, any admission of lying and hypocrisy? Is integrity passe? The beat just goes on, without skipping a beat.

 There, that feels better.


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6 Responses to “Why do we listen to hypocrites?”

  1. Fuller says:

    I believe that you will find that most people are at some time in their lives hypocritical and contradictory in their actions and beliefs. You also confuse all women with bitter, male-hating feminists.

  2. Leach says:

    Women always flip-flop on what they say.
    They say when nothing is wrong, something is terribly is wrong.
    They say they believe in equality between the sexes, yet still demand chivalry.
    They say men has done nothing for society, yet all they do is sit around and *****.
    The list can go on forever.
    Why can’t women be honest creatures?

    • sometimes flip-flopping isn’t a bad thing; it can reflect incorporating new information. Sticking to your point of view no matter what, even if the facts contradict you, is not such a good practice, yes?

  3. Dombrosky says:

    I think heterosexual people are out of touch with reality this is North America you allow me to speak even though you like i may say. It is the hetersexual people’s mainly Caucasians own homophobia & racism because this is America that provision in the u.s. constitution for freedom of speech. I’m not finished heterosexuality has poisoned the blood stream of religion, sexuality, education, politics, Jursprudence, economics, social ethnics & morality the heterosexual supremacy have to come out of that idea. I think the heterosexual community feels it’s being threated by the gay power as the heterosexual community have a serious complex this same questionare for heterosexual male & female in America the intent of this questionare survey is the same questions typically asked of Gay Americans ask : What do you think caused your heterosexuality? Gay activists ask the same question ” What caused your heterosexuality? By trying to answer these questions, one can gain insight into how OPPRESSIVE & DISCRIMINATORY ” a heterosexual” ( Straight”) frame reference can be to gay Americans

  4. Smith says:

    Heterosexual America must be burned ! straight world is no good at all. If you have made a promise that you don’t keep, what are you? You are a liar, a deciever yes, heterosexual’s are liars their hypocrites Alright, now how did did they promise the Gay Native Americans? Did they write it in treaties? Did the heterosexuals fulfill it? Did they promise the Gay African Americans in New york 40 acres & a mule? I could run the gay rights agenda down of promises made & promises broken. The right to vote. You got it, but the minute they gave it to you, they were finding ways to take it back from you. can you Open your eyes & see the house burning? This heterosexual educational system isn’t worth a damm. I’m not cussing. The house must burn you have no juice to reform it Now listen , listen, listen heterosexuals Can’t make no convenant with Gay America. Why not? you have good heterosexual people who want to change the ” DON’T ASK DONT TELL POLICY” a military policy to see this law repealed they wanna see this convenant successful. But you’re not dealing with them when you dial up when you sit down with a heterosexual male, who are you dealing with? this message to the Gay Americans you all got to repeal this law you got to take your government back because it’s been taken from you by a heterosexual hypocriticial group of smart, crooked industrial bankers. You all know what i’m talking about. But if you don’t have the testicular fortitude to say what needs to be said, then sit down & stop trying to say you speak for our gay people & the hurt of the poor.